Our Founder Khaled Ramadan started his journey into the combat world at the age of 13 when fell in love with boxing. A few years late he transitioned into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu where he has earned many medals from competing at the IBJJF Worlds, Buffalo Open, Texas Open, Toronto Open, Nova Scotia Open, Ontario Provincials and the Kuwait International Open.  The passion that he has for martials arts is what drove him to become a leader in providing top quality essentials for combat athletes.

At Kombat APE, we consist of a team of athletes that have trained and competed in different martial arts. Therefore, we know the type of training Combat Athletes put their bodies through and how important, diet and nutrition are for performance and recovery. Therefore we only offer premium quality essentials that we believe work based on science. 

Our promise to our Combat Athletes is that they will be receiving safe and quality supplements only. Our purpose is to improve every Combat Athletes performance and recovery. We want to be a part of your journey and see you win in every training session and every battle during competitions. 


USA MADE, FDA Registered Facility & cGMP Certified

All of our supplements and vitamins are manufactured in the USA. 

To ensure quality and safety of our products we ensured to partner up with a Manufacturer that has a FDA registered facility and follows good manufacturing practices (GMP).


We want to be a brand that is known to help Kombat Athletes train, perform and fight better than ever. At the same time we want to be known for making better change to this world. Many people around the world don’t have access to clean drinking water and we want to fight that. Therefore, with every purchase made $2 will be donated towards building a water well where its most needed.