How does your ambassador program work?

Our Ambassador Program represents an elite group of different combat athletes. We review each application carefully and only approve those that we see fit with our mission and vision. If you feel that you would be a good fit for this program and joining the Komat APE team, then we would love to hear from you. You can fill out the registration form here and we will get back to you within 24hrs.

As a Kombat APE ambassador you will:

Get 30% off all Kombat APE products for life.
Earn 15% commission on a new order and 10% on repurchases using your code/link. The 15% will be pid out and the 10% will be split where 5% will be paid out and the other 5% can be used as store credit.

What is required as an ambassador and how do I earn the commission?

As an ambassador, you would be required to help promote our products and brand. We would recommend posting on your social media accounts at least once a week and tagging us @Kombatape. The more you try and promote the brand and products the higher the chance that someone will make a purchase using your promo code/link and that’s how you make a commission. Some hashtags you can use on your posts are #kombatape #teamkombatape #apesquad

When you tag us we will repost your posts/stories and that will help promote your social media accounts as well.

When will I receive my lifetime code to make a purchase?

We will email you your lifetime code.

Can I offer promo codes to my fans/followers?

Definitely! We will create a special promo code for you to share with your fans. The discount on the code will range between 10-25% based on the different promotions we have running.

When do I get access to my ambassador dashboard?

Immediately after your initial purchase, you will receive an invitation to set up your ambassador dashboard.

What will my ambassador dashboard give me?

You’ll have the ability in the dashboard to track your progress as an ambassador. You’ll be able to see statistics on your efforts. You’ll also be able to track commissions.

If you like the sound of this, you can register by clicking here.

To review our Ambassador terms of service click here.

If you are already registered you can login by clicking here.